Dominik Černelič

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We don’t know if we live more than once, so it’s important to cease every moment in the life we have, create the most we can and leave behind the best of us, as many before us gave what we enjoy today. For that we have to think beyond the mere existence. We have to push the boundaries of the possible and do the things which lift our consciousness and the quality of life. A great part of living a meaningful and happy life is constantly surprising yourself and giving yourself new impressions, emotions and interactions with life.

Dominik Černelič

Since I remember myself I’ve always wanted just to create. The design and programming aspects I have developed to perfection have been just the tools to being able to do it. I’ve never dwelled on the tools, the focus has always been one - The Creating. Whether it be a new product or a brand, a movement or a simple client project.

The goal has always been to get the job done and achieve the desired effects that have concequences in the real world, changing, optimising, automating and on all areas progressing the world.

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