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Domdesign’s aim is to became the leader in development of own products as well as developing solutions for others. DominoCMS as the top CMS/IT solution for personal and professional users and the solution that will definitely influence and change the world to the better.

We aim to become trendsetters in the field of design and information technologies with our products and development and top studio in corporate identity and luxury design solutions.

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Dragon’s Dream Hostel is born in Ljubljana

First fully automated Hostel in Slovenia

22. June 2021

For the past year we have silently been preparing a story of a new hostel named Dragon's Dream in Ljubljana. We had creative lead from the hostel's name, slogan, corporate image, signage and web digital booking platform created on our DominoCMS. We are proud to announce the launch of the hostel in this June as the hostel already had it's first happy guests.

Svetlarna website renewed with the new Theme engine

We dress websites like sports teams uniforms

9. June 2021

One of our most beautiful corporate websites has gotten a content and design refresh. As a novelty we have used the video in stead of pictures for the team, bringing the user even more credibility and touch from the team. For a company that is creating lighting we have also created a light and dark mode of the website. You can change the site theme and ambience with one click.

New online Bookstore for Založba BP

25. May 2021

In the last months we have been quietly developing the new online bookstore for the Založba BP. This popular book publisher, which excites with a little different and fresh selection of books has now received a fresh web look and user experience on our system DominoCMS. Along cool design which accompanies you while browsing the books, we are extremely happy to have implemented the new bank card payment system, which we are starting to use on more and more of our web stores.

Gitri shines in full light with implemented corporate image applications

21. May 2021

We have designed the new corporate image for the engineering-construction company Gitri from Ljubljana and with that set a solid foundation for the companies communication and brand growth. The company has since started extensively using, applying and printing the applications on the promo materials, documents, vehicles, clothing and other materials.

TMS Brežice with new exterior image

2. May 2021

Corporate image upgraded with the TMS Brežice exterior image and light signs makes a cherry on top of a successful cooperation and completes the brand with the final layer of presentation, offering users a complete experience from first contact to sales and service.

New digital platform for Komunala Sevnica

2. October 2020

We have designed and developed the new digital platform for Komunala Sevnica - a municipality of Sevnica, Slovenia waste, water, sewage, road and cemetery company. The platform is hosted in our cloud and represents the foundation for a full digitalisation of the company.

Our design engine is already creating guidelines for 2021

13. August 2020

Good design is good business is our moto at Domdesign. We are focusing and successful at creating trends, bringing our clients the competitive advantage on the corporate level where details matter and talk volumes. We are focused on the future and already creating design guidlines for for our clients for the upcoming 2021. In these summer days our creativity isn’t resting, furthermore it is even greater. We have just designed a corporate publication for one of our clients Kostak and developed their upcoming design future.

From design to assembly and installation - All fronts are open

5. May 2020

After a short general break we have successfully restarted all of our fronts which were hindered due to the health situation. Our assembly unit has continued the installation of the light signs for Karst pharmacies (Kraške lekarne) in Ilirska Bistrica and the results of our planning and design process can finally be visible and starting to work. - Recycling web app for Slovenia

27. April 2020

We have launched a new web app for recycling waste in Slovenia. It's main feature is a search engine for quick personal use that gives us the possible disposal bins for the waste we type in. Along the search it features tips and rules of waste disposal, list of Slovenian waste companies, garbage sites, environment safety articles, interviews and much more. We plan to extend it and popularize it and help you with protecting the environment better.

More at:

Stable operation of our web services in difficult times

17. March 2020

Dear clients and partners, as you may know the world is facing heavy difficulties regarding the coronavirus. We from Domdesign would like to ask you to be careful during these times and to follow the measurements and instructions by your government.

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