Do identitete in naprej

Identity is everything that defines us and identify us. It is something of our own and something as percieved from the outside. To create something for someone it must be based on someone and to do that you must know it’s identity. The search and the findings creates nothing new, but exactly what that thing is. The artist is merely a medium to transform that thing into reality. You have to become the client and create for him as you are him. You must eliminate your ego from it, and only use your tools. Being that and knowing it reveals the exact next step that needs to be createdand often it is exactly that and couldn’t be anything different. It is a journey towards the truth that you get closer to, the better you are soaked in the soul of it and able to transfer it to reality. Creating based on identity is creating the next step in evolution of that thing. The bad things can be removed and replaced, the missing things added and the tangled untangled. With that it must always remain that identity and the soul must not be touched.

Creating based on identity is creating the next step in evolution of that thing.

Our mission is getting right into the very existence of things, being one with them and them.

Being and creating one with the  another opens a new dimension where the whole picture of time and space, the whole existence comes into place, binding an working that identity in unison with the universe and averything else in complete tune with the nature, progress, evolution.

That is more than identity. It is going “Beyond Identity”.

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