Usage areas

Digital displaying is meant for external as well as internal advertising and and most of all we can solve automation processes in the company.



To whom can we display?

»The goal is displaying dynamic programmed content with the intention of increasing sales, lowering costs and optimising processes.«

Internal advertising

Ideal way for internal advertising with which you can display notifications to your employees, daily meals, company news, instructions and other internal content and documents.

Customer advertising

You can show your clients the current deals, products and services from picture and video ad, to notifications, events and other relevant content.

User displaying

We can display content to our users taht are not strictly advertising based and are more of a technical nature like directional graphics, information, instructional processes, queues, etc.

Integration of business and manufacturing processes

We can display data from machines and active systems so employees through them watch and manage work processes that are going on live. It is a great way to speed up and optimize production.



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