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Dynamic Digital Design

Dynamic content is changing in a visual ad in front of your eyes

Time for static images is over. We are replacing it with programmed dynamic design which takes the content from databases and digital sources and is visually displayed on any kind of format. Printed sources are replaced with digital, so development is focused on programming prefabricated modules, which display live content and enable live data changing.

The future of digital display is here


Ideal solution for your internal advertising

Display your offer, ads or technical data with the web app on all your screens at the same time.

Litebox zasloni - Integracija zunanjih podatkov

New way of digital displaying

Much more than classical picture and video advertising

  • Integration of CRM/CMS/ERP systems
  • Visualization of realtime data
  • External systems integration
  • Programmed modules
Litebox Ad schemes

Ad schemes

Create various ad schemes that change on one or different screens

We can group display modules by schemes and manage content on one or multiple displays. We can change scheme on a display or set the scheme by time in advance.



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