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We are located on the north from precise and engineering Germany and bordering to the Italian passion and design. We are the combination of both. Our country was for centuries a part of the Habsburg monarchy, where we have the touch with the best of classical arts.

We come out from the part of the world where western civilization was made and history. We are at the confluence of east and west Europe, north and south Europe, sourcing the best of all worlds. We have the perfect conditions to find influences and be the best.

The idea to Create

Domdesign group is a result of the founders main idea - to create. The idea of being able to bring projects, ideas, concepts, movements and activities to life requested the need to become great masters of the craft engineers, developers, designers and architects. This ensued the practices of design and programming as becoming the motors of the services. Design as the visual and the programming as the underlying motor. Both in the service of information handling, visualisation and putting it to work.

From these activities products arose and the practices differentiated and hierarhically sorted int operfect and well oiled machine being able to bring any size projects and brands to life. And have through virtual work, real-world results.

The complete group’s top service level work in unison to create and bring resulting products and solutions to life.


Domdesign’s aim is to became the leader in development of own products as well as developing solutions for others.


Promoting creativity, arts, startups, developing youth and charity work


The timeline of our progress and achievements


Become global trendsetters in the web, information, digital design technologies as well as dictating the tempo in the world of design.

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